The Grateful Bread

The Grateful Bread

Founded by Canterbury Law Director Juliana Snelling in 2017, the Grateful Bread is a group of volunteers who donate good quality clothes, shoes, toiletries, toys, bedding and miscellaneous household goods to the needy. Our mission is to bring together Bermuda’s residents from all racial and social sector backgrounds to help heal divisions in our community – “One Love” Bob Marley is our theme song.  

There is a huge need in Bermuda for the homeless and less fortunate to receive free giveaway goods given the extremely high cost of living here. There are thousands of people in Bermuda who cannot afford to purchase basic goods.

For 5 years, the Grateful Bread has served the needs of the less fortunate in Bermuda through our various community action initiatives including:

  • Monthly dinners and a social celebration for the needy for 3 years (2017 to 2020). Some of our guests commented that it was better than their Christmas.
  • Causing our supporters to donate approx. $250,000 to the Coalition for the Protection of Children (2020 -2022) to help 70 families in desperate need in light of the Covid-19 and job crisis, whom the Coalition had identified as deserving of help; monies went towards groceries, rent, Belco bills, baby items and laundry costs. 
  • the purchase of over 45 Chromebook laptops for families who could not afford them for their public-school children to engage in remote learning 
  • the donation of over 20 boxes of reading books to Westgate Correctional Facility library;
  • free bi-annual Giveaway events at City Hall where we give away second hand goods and toiletries to hundreds of guests; hosted free of charge by the City who believes in our cause,

One volunteer who participated to get school credits for community involvement said, 

The more I go, the more I get to know the people we are helping. I love being able to see the impact this heartfelt event has on the lives in my community, and I am grateful that I get to be a part of it.” 

Another student volunteer commented saying, 

No one should ever be going hungry, and I want to help as much as I can to ensure that my local community is healthy and happy. This week some students formed a jazz band and were playing live music in the hall for the guests; everyone was smiling and laughing. I learn a lot from serving the less fortunate- they teach me that it’s the little things in life that matter, and they teach me how to make the most out of any situation.”


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The Grateful Bread partners with Coalition for the Protection of Children (2020-2022): Families Supporting Families Project

This Canterbury Law community action initiative founded by Director Juliana Snelling was created in April 2020 when The Grateful Bread feeding programme had to be temporarily suspended due to Covid-19. In collaboration with the charity The Coalition for the Protection of Children, The Grateful Bread’s Families Supporting Families project was formed. 

For families who have been hard hit by the pandemic, our Grateful Bread supporters rallied to the call to financially assist in meeting each family’s specific needs for rent, groceries, electricity and internet bills for their children’s remote learning. 

The CPC provided anonymous biographies of parents and their children with the details of their needs. Families were given anonymous names such as Perseverance, Gratitude and Strength. Supporters read the details of the families’ biographies to pick a family of their choice to support and caused their groceries, rent, utility and laundry bills to be paid. 

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The Grateful Bread is thrilled to report on the success of its collaborative project with the Coalition for the Protection of Children (CPC) through the Grateful Bread’s Families Supporting Families Project during the period 2020-2022.

Since the pandemic, the CPC has seen a 170% increase in need for hardship support. With retail and hospitality heavily impacted, many families in Bermuda were left underemployed and finding it difficult to make ends meet, not to mention, suffering the added stress of keeping up with the demands of online schooling. 

Thankfully, The Grateful Bread stepped in and offered to work with the CPC in a program devised by The Grateful Bread called Families Supporting Families. 

The CPC summarized how identified deserving families were struggling and outlined the various ways in which they required assistance via anonymous biographies, to respect their confidentiality as a client.  A list of families and needs was created by The Grateful Bread and supporters were asked to give to specific targeted needs of families in $50 increments. 

The GB supporters rallied behind over 70 of those families and supported them with payments towards their groceries, rent, electricity, water and gas bills, transportation, educational endeavours, medical support, toiletries, baby items and laundry costs. 188 children in these families were positively impacted by the kindness of total strangers.  The project also resulted in The GB supporters purchasing and gifting over 45 Chromebook laptops for families of public-school students who could not afford them for remote learning.

Through the project, families were not evicted, they were less stressed by food insecurity, and students had the tools they needed to work in an online learning environment.  

The Grateful Bread received lovely thank you letters from families and their kids for caring about them and helping to lighten their burdens and these were shared with supporters to show that their gifts were well received. 

Run by The Grateful Bread founder and Canterbury Law Director Juliana Snelling, a total of $248,000 was raised over the course of 2 years for families by The GB’s dedicated and caring supporters. 100% of these donations went directly to the families with no administrative costs taken. 

The CPC and the Grateful Bread are mutually thrilled by the partnership they have shared. The collective impact from community effort is the way of the future to get the help that the less fortunate so greatly need. The CPC’s sincerest thanks go out to the many compassionate individuals who have supported our families, we would like to thank you on behalf of our families and let you know that you are truly appreciated!


How to get involved :

Email or by work phone +1 (441) 296-8444 c/o Canterbury Law Limited 

The Grateful Bread is not a registered charity. We do not solicit funds from the Bermuda Government or public sources. Instead, we cause supporters of The Grateful Bread to purchase and donate goods (e.g. toiletries, good quality second hand clothing and household goods) to the cause of helping out. The Grateful Bread never sees, receives or handles funds. That way zero percent of dollars are spent on administrative  expenses and 100% are spent on supplies.

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